Immersive Media’s patented imEnabled technologies provide a full end-to-end 360° video solution. From camera heads and recording units to mobile players and distribution solutions, Immersive Media has developed innovative and market leading technologies to enable users to record and publish high-resolution, highly interactive 360° video.

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Technology behind the Telemmersion System®

Immersive Media’s Telemmersion System® provides a complete end-to-end solution for creating high quality, highly engaging interactive 360° videos. Whether on-demand playback or live broadcasting, Immersive Media’s imEnabled technologies provide solutions for every stage of your workflow, from capture all the way to presentation.

Immersive’s line of imEnabled products works in seamless unison to produce the highest resolution imagery on the market with unparalleled performance and interactivity. The Telemmersion System® enables users to seamlessly capture, edit, and distribute 360° videos to a variety of applications through Immersive Media’s extensive line of “imEnabled” players and software applications.

Immersive Media is committed to providing the most innovative and advanced 360° hardware and software solutions on the market. Built upon an open platform philosophy, Immersive’s imEnabled technologies easily co-exist with other third party hardware and software applications to create a truly immersive experience.



im360™ iOS Player

The same great features that make the im360™ player the most powerful 360° player around are now available on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Specifically designed for touchscreen devices, the im360™ iOS player gives mobile users the ultimate 360° immersive experience. Download the im360™ app from the App Store today and access the world's largest collection of 360° videos, or purchase the im360™ iOS SDK and create your own fully customizable 360° experience.
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im360™ Flash Player

The im360™ Flash Player is a fully customizable mutli-platform 360° video player that brings a completely new level of interactivity and richness to digital media. The im360™ Flash Player brings a variety of rich media features to 360° video including Immersive Media's patented "imHotSpots," "Worldview," 3D billboards, navigation arrows, and 3D scene management. The im360™ Flash Player is fully shareable to facebook and twitter and allows viewers to quickly and effortlessly embed videos right to their facebook and twitter accounts.

imLive™ Player

The imLive™ Player places your audience in the middle of the action and gives them full 360° control of their viewing experience. From sports events and concerts, to breaking news stories, imLive™ allows viewers to gain an unprecedented level of access to live events through a highly interactive, multi-camera, 360° immersive video. The imLive™ Player can be inserted and customized to fit into any web or mobile environment making it the perfect addition for the online, broadcasting, and advertising industries.

im360™ Desktop Player

This im360™ Desktop Air Player provides a fully customizable player for playback of both video and still imagery in the highest resolution possible on Windows or OS X. Utilizing DirectX codec, the desktop player supports a variety of formats and allows 360° video to be displayed on both dome projections, and head mounted displays. The im360™ Desktop SDK provides developers with powerful flexibility to create rich media applications for viewing and interacting with immersive 360° video on any platform.

imGeoImmersive Viewer

The imGeoImmersive Viewer is a three-paned window that simultaneously displays interactive immersive videos and an associated map displaying layers of overlays. Typical layers permit showing the route where the imagery was captured, imported asset shape files, and a full graphics layer. Built in tools for creating graphics and importing video make it an all-in-one standalone solution that permits sharing of geospatial information across an organization and with subcontractors, zoning officials, and the public.


imOnScene™ pairs immersive video with an existing floorplan, blueprint, map or other document, allowing the user to navigate a graphical document visually through 360° video. imOnScene™ works for indoor and outdoor areas, and can be referenced by any image or document. Ideal for industrial, real estate, and commercial applications, imOnScene™ adds a unique 360° perspective to any mapping project.



At just 2.9 inches in height and 1.25 lbs, the Quattro is a compact, low cost 360˚ digital camera. With four Sony ICX 724 CCD sensors the Quattro captures a high resolution 4400x1550 cylindrical field of view at 15fps. Camera data is transmitted through either Gigabit Cat 5E ethernet cable or optional fibre transmission making the Quattro ideal for a variety of productions. Optimized for use with Immersive Media's imLive™ Recorder, the Quattro is perfect for environments that demand a lightweight, low impact, high resolution camera for either ondemand or live captures.


The high resolution Hex spherical digital camera system uses a six lens, 12 MP 360° camera that allows the system to collect video from more than 80% of the full 360° sphere. The Hex camera system is an ideal solution for applications that require very high resolution, spherical captures. Coupled with the imRecorder, the hex digital camera system provides users with a complete digital camera package that effortlessly records 12mp, high resolution 360° video.


Immersive Media’s patented flagship, the Dodeca® 2360 camera system, captures high-resolution video from every direction simultaneously. It delivers 100 million pixels at 30 frames per second (2400x1200 pixels/frame) and supports a number of video formats. And at 2.5 lbs., the Dodeca camera head is highly portable and by using available accessories it is easily attached to automobiles, helicopters, backpacks and rigging equipment for any filming requirement.

Recording Units


Immersive Media’s IM Recorder Base unit handles recording and compression/decompression of multiple simultaneous image streams and playback functions, utilizing an external joystick controller. The units are small, portable and fit into the backpack. Multiple input/output jacks, including video monitor display.


A complete turnkey system that puts your online audiences in the middle of a live event with a full 360° immersive view. The imLive system simultaneously stitches, encodes, and broadcasts live 360° video to both web and mobile platforms allowing viewers to enjoy live 360° video across multiple platforms. Immersive Media has qualified major stream distribution network providers such as Akamai®, Limelight®, and MediaNova® to deliver uninterrupted video to viewers around the world.

Carriers & Accessories

Backpack Carrier

Perfect for a variety of mobile applications, Immersive Media's backpack carrier is specifically designed for use with Immersive Media's imEnabled recording units and cameras. The backpack carrier includes batteries and counter-balanced boom pole to allow operators to record 360° video in any environment.

Hex and Quattro Vehicle Mount

Immersive Media vehicle mount allows for temporary and semi-permanent mounting to vehicles.

Custom Boom Pole

Dodeca® 2360 custom boom pole for hand-held stabilized filming under lowered ceiling or tight overhead clearance. Also extends upward above crowd with 5-foot rise.


Applanix® integrated POS LV system is a compact, fully integrated, turnkey position and orientation system, utilizing integrated inertial technology to generate stable, reliable and repeatable positioning solutions for land-based vehicle applications.Designed to operate under the most difficult GPS conditions found in urban and suburban environments, POS LV enables accurate positioning for road geometry, pavement inspection, GIS database and asset management, road surveying, and vehicle dynamics.

Helicopter Mount

The Immersive Camera Mounting System attaches to the skid of various helicopters and is designed to lower an Immersive Media Camera Head below the skids during flight to capture 360° aerial video. The Immersive Helicopter Mount is FAA approved for use with the Bell Jet Ranger 206 class, Bell 407, Robinson R44 and R44II helicopters.

Dodeca Underwater Housing

Certified for depths up to 150 feet (45m) of water, the dodeca 2360 camera housing is constructed with optically-perfect Plexiglas® that allows the system to capture a seamless 360° underwater video.